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Grip Stix


The golf grip is one of the most important fundamentals because it controls so many things, including direction, power, and even impact consistency. The weighted Grip Stix will help you develop the feel of the proper grip every time you put your hands on the club. Best of all, it is small and portable so you can take it with you to get in a little practice wherever you go.

Improve Your Accuracy

Golf Grip Training Aids

"I bought this for my son, who is fairly new to golf.  It seemed like his instructor was having to correct his grip at every lesson.  I thought this might be helpful to reinforce the feel of the proper grip.  Worked like a charm.  He gets his grip right every time now.  Not only that, his little brother has taken to it as well.  Looks like I'll have another golfer in the house! "   --Tom L., Canton, OH

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