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Welcome to Greg's Golf Aids

The Official Training Aid Site of Greg "The Golf Guy" Jones

Hello Golfers,


I'm Greg "The Golf Guy" Jones and I'd like to welcome you to my golf training aids website.  I am the owner and director of the Greg Jones Golf Academy, a motivational speaker, and corporate liaison.  I have been instructing golfers and hosting corporate events for over 25 years, teaching thousands of students annually.  Using my "Keep It Simple" philosophy, I developed a line of training aids to help my students achieve success, and now I am making them available to you, as well.  If you want to play better golf, you have to train to improve.


Greg The Golf Guy 

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Featured Product

Ripp Stix
6 Week Speed Training System
Gain 10-30 yards on your driver in 6 weeks.  Guaranteed!


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